No Country For Douchey Men…

housewifeNo Country For Douchey Men…

“If I didn’t care for [romance novels] and such,
I’d probably amount to much.
But I shall stay the way I am,
Because I do not give a damn.”
-Dorothy Parker (well, mostly…)I’m constantly amazed when men tell women that they shouldn’t read romance novels because they are (take your pick!)
1. Poorly written. Yes like all those popular “male magazines” are just SO academic.
2. Fantasy, and our poor lady brains can’t discern reality form fiction. Yet, shows and books like Game of Thrones abound, have large male audiences, and no one EVER has to remind men that dragons aren’t real.
3. We will have unrealistic expectations in our men. Sir! This is perhaps my favorite, if nothing else because it’s such bullshit that it breaks the bullshit meter and moves right on into hilarious. Really, now?! When men see those rock-hard breasts and perfectly proportioned bodies, they know that stuff’s just fantasy, but our lady-brains expect Greek billionaires to drop out of the sky willy-nilly?Please STFU and stop judging an entire genre of fiction that you have most likely never read. There are good romance novels and then there are the ones that should be used as kindling, but that’s not unique to this particularly genre; there are great and poor books in them all. So the next time you come with your veiled sexism (because that it what it is, when you belittle the brains and intellectual capabilities of women), you better come with a PowerPoint presentation and an essay with academic sources that proves your point, or I’m calling bullshit and dismissing your smug ass.

P.S. Ever realized that the men in romance novels get laid in like a week or even hours? Instead of bashing the reading choices of women, kindly work on beefing up your game sir!
P.P.S. Post on women who absorb and regurgitate this garbage coming soon.


About Me:

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I am a Jamaican, sometimes American, college student. If you just thought “Alright, mon!”, I need to have a stern conversation with you. Sometimes I’m cold and heartless, other times I’m just cold. I’m joking-I can be quite warm and lovely when I’m in the mood and I like being silly and entertaining.

I like Romance Novels. There’s just something about eating an edible-gold topped chocolate sundae while being romanced away by a sexy, suited man in a sexy car that….

Sorry, where was I? Basically, I find some Romances very good, some silly and comical and deserving of the snarky jokes that I will make at their expense.

Per the black, womanist, kinda-liberal part of me? Well, I’ll just let that unravel (hilariously) as time goes a-passing.

I love the word “per”. It reminds me of cats, which I also love.

I don’t like Hipsters. Don’t mention Lena Dunham to me either.