About Me:

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I am a Jamaican, sometimes American, college student. If you just thought “Alright, mon!”, I need to have a stern conversation with you. Sometimes I’m cold and heartless, other times I’m just cold. I’m joking-I can be quite warm and lovely when I’m in the mood and I like being silly and entertaining.

I like Romance Novels. There’s just something about eating an edible-gold topped chocolate sundae while being romanced away by a sexy, suited man in a sexy car that….

Sorry, where was I? Basically, I find some Romances very good, some silly and comical and deserving of the snarky jokes that I will make at their expense.

Per the black, womanist, kinda-liberal part of me? Well, I’ll just let that unravel (hilariously) as time goes a-passing.

I love the word “per”. It reminds me of cats, which I also love.

I don’t like Hipsters. Don’t mention Lena Dunham to me either.